Below are links to the article I wrote on why I was and remain a committed Yes voter and campaigner for Scottish Independence. I found the engagement in the debate life enhancing, especially with the majority of younger people supporting the Yes position. I hoped the majority of my people would vote for independence, but the energy will not go away and the issue will return stonger than ever within a decade. It is simply a dream deferred.

The Scotsman/Bella Caledonia piece drew heart warming comments and emails to me from Yes supporters and had No supporters foaming at the mouth on the Scotsman comments page - every one of the most virulent and offensive ones no doubt claiming to be "proud Scots"! the very term was devalued by their behaviour during the campaign.

My Business for Scotland Speech in Dundee

BATEMAN BROADCASTING 1 video/audio link

One of the most incisive and articulate commentators on the referendum was Derek Bateman, so I was delighted to contribute to his batemanbroadcasting podcast. Here are links to the audio and video version, as well as to Derek's generous introduction to the interview.


In which I returned to Bateman Broadcasting to discuss with Derek the aftermath of the Referendum, Scottish Missionaries like Mary Slessor, Don Roberto, founder of the Scottish Labour Party and the SNP, and the Scottish fine wine tradition that goes back to the days of the Auld Alliance.

You can hear and see the interview by clicking on the links below.

Finally, here is a link to the recording made by 5 Million Questions at Dundee University of my talk there on March 28, 2014

The Cause: Independence and Identity.

In late 2012, Writer and Broadcaster Billy Kay produced and presented a major series for BBC Radio Scotland on the history of Scottish nationalism. It ranged from the identity forged in the Wars of Independence, through the radicalism of the 19th century, to the dramatic transformation of the SNP from a small, marginalised "sect" to a dynamic political machine capable of winning two elections and a referendum. As we approach that momentous decision, Billy will talk about his and the country's national identity, illustrated with oral history, literature and music from his ground breaking series. The debate so far has been dominated by the economy. This presentation will focus on the role of culture and identity in the way people may vote, the heart rather than the head as expressed in the words of Billy's fellow Ayrshireman, Robert Burns.

Nae treasures, nor pleasures
Could make us happy lang;
The hert aye's the pairt aye
That maks us richt or wrang